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No. There is no cap. You can watch on Game Tapp until the cameras are turned off at 11:00 PM or when the venue closes.

Yes. your account will remain in storage for one year after you suspend it.


It depends on the size and other logistics of your facility but usually, it will take Three to Four weeks.

It varies depending on the facility and the features that are desired.

You can download it from either the Google Play or Apple App store.


Get Team Access Portal for Free on Google Play or Apple App store

TAP is a free app that is used by leagues and organizations to create a community of teams, coaches, trainers and players.

A person responsible for managing an organization of teams will download the TAP App and sign up using their organization name, email and organization id.

The owner creates teams, age groups and assigns coaches through the main dashboard.

Once the owner assigns a coach, an email will be sent to the coach(s) to accept and download the TAP App. 

Coaches will use the TAP to invite players to their team via an automated process.

The organization and coaches can use the communications and viewing features of TAP for scheduling, messaging and tracking player progress throughout the season.

One of the features in the Player App is the ability to receive invites from Coaches and be part of the league and team community.

Coaches can view videos, stats and spray charts and can also share via social media.

A league or organization owner can also be a coach.  The accounts will need to be formed using different email addresses.  One email as an Owner and a different email as a coach.

Once a coach receives an invite email from the owner, the coach will only need to create a username and password to opt-in through an automated process.  No self-initiated sign-up is necessary.

Coaches can be part of many leagues and organizations using the same account.  Coaches can toggle between different teams.

TAP provides the features to communicate to all team members and selective players making it easy to have focus communications.  This is useful for segmenting by player position or different groups.

Parents can use the Player App without joining a team, but during a season the team access provides the community benefits and ability for a iPost Sports GameON to display the player on the live scoreboard. 

The TAPP (Team Access Player Portal) feature is part of the Player App.  No separate App is required for parents/players.