Smart Sports Facility

We Integrate Today's Tech
Into Your Sports Facility


High Capacity Broadband Network for Maximum Video Stream Resolution. Also, anything else you can think of with a high-speed internet connection at your field or facility.

Secure Campus WiFi Coverage

Bandwidth in hard to reach areas is our specialty by adding a campus Wi-Fi, you can bring a tablet to practice and you can utilize the streams and clips. There are numerous possibilities.

IOT Integration

Our platform includes the best of smart devices connected to the edge and cloud. This technology provides the optimal performance and experience for families, athletes and coaches.

High res cameras

Our cameras range from super wide angle, super high zoom, and all with 4K resolution. Our platform transports broadcast quality streams while enabling all of the great feature sets of every major camera design on the planet. This means you see every play with the utmost clarity and intensity.

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Live sports streaming, professional installation of cameras and internet

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